1 October 2011

I love to bake!

I love to bake, I am by no means a pro I just enjoy making cakes and usually eating them.

My latest successes have been cake pops and learning to ice a cupcake after attending a demo by the lovely Liana at Star Bakery.


This blog was originally going to be named cupcakes and hot chocolate as there is nothing more than I love on a hot, cold or for that matter any day than a mug of hot chocolate and a piece of cake.

In fact I might add a page at the top of my baking triumphs and maybe if I am not feeling totally deflated some of the not so successful attempts, I once made a lemon drizzle cake that fell in and a coffee cake that resembled two sheets of card as they didn't rise.

On of the more successful cakes

But I don't let it put me off and usually figure out what I did wrong and can correct next time, fortunately my family will eat it no matter how it looks and I now know that if my cake doesn't rise I can turn it into cake pops really ;)

My first ever attempt at a cake pop

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