26 September 2011

I need a new vacuum please, thank you!

Ok so if anyone is reading this that would like to give a vacuum to me to test then I would be most appreciative!

Some woman want a pair of shoes or a nice dress, a make over or new hair do (if you want to send me one of those as well great) but me I would just like a vacuum that picks up the mountains of debris my son scatters on eating a slice of toast or a biscuit!

I must vacuum at least three times a day so can guarantee it will be tested well, I have a bad neck so it must be light and i'm not very good with upright ones so anything that fits this would be good.

Thanks for reading and for those thinking well she just had a new Nespresso machine she must be loaded, my hubby had vouchers for his birthday to buy one so we didn't really pay for it and I did ask if we could buy a vacuum instead but the look I received told me to.... well you know.

Mwah x

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