27 September 2011

A little me time and a new found love of books!

I won some brilliant Rowan Coleman books in an auction over on the Make for Macmillan Facebook page a few months ago and they have reignited a love of reading.

With it the ability to get lost from reality into another world, if only in the  30 minutes or so whilst feeding my daughter.

I had forgotten what it was like to read and I now browse through the book shelves in charity shops looking for something to read!

This is my sad collection of books I have read in the last eight years, there might be a couple of Harry Potter in there somewhere but that is it.

Apart from reading my son stories in the evening I haven't read anything in years and you can tell from the books how I have gone from soul searching books in my early 20s, debortuary ridden and men understanding in my mid 20s to books on being a 'woman' and mother in my late 20s.

I bought this one from a charity shop yesterday so will sit down with a cup of something warm later and have a read!

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