21 September 2011

Parent and child parking! Grrr!

It really gets on my nerves that people, even those that have probably struggled getting their children in and out of cars, park in the parent and child spaces when they don't have children with them!

I wouldn't mind the spaces being on the other side of the car park if there was a safe walk way to get to the store and it meant I didn't have to worry about coming back to the car with no space to get in myself let alone a child in a car seat.

But they are at the front for a reason, it is safe as you don't have to walk across a car park where they can't be seen behind cars and as anyone with a toddler knows they don't always want to walk next to you or walk at all!

Shortly after we had my daughter we went on a family outing to Ikea, came back to the car to find two cars parked so close that even my husband couldn't get into the car. I managed to slide down and struggle in to reverse the car out so we could get the kids in!

How totally inconsiderate, had I been on my own I would have had to go back in the shop and ask for someone to call out their registration or look after the children whilst I got in the car and moved it.

It's not just the point of 'if I had the kids with me', if I hadn't of been there my husband literally couldn't have gotten into the car...really people need to think.

It isn't tolerated if, I, an able bodied member of the public parks in a disabled space so I don't see why these are any different, these spaces are not there for convenience they are there out of necessity and safety for our children.

Rant over and yes this did happen today and no I didn't say anything this time as I couldn't be bothered to get into an argument!

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