5 October 2011

Eyes in the back of your head!

We had intended to go back to France to do some cheese and booze shopping as we couldn't fit much in the car on the way back from holiday in June. So with the weather being gorgeous we dropped everything and went down on Saturday.

It was gorgeous but my story is one that has probably happened either at the shops or park to all parents, even if only for a few seconds.

One minute we are on the beach, hubby is in the sea and I am reading a book, my son is in front of me digging in the sand, next I look up and he is gone! I immediately stand up and start shouting his name, all dignity gone and I look mental.

I scan up and down the beach and after what seems like hours but is just a few seconds my eyes hone in on his little sun suit at the waters edge. I look at my daughter and all of our belongings and grab her and run to him! My heart is literally in my mouth and racing, he was no further away from me than when he is up the garden but all that goes round in your head is what if I never see him again...what if someone has taken him?!?

There is no one to blame but me and I feel sick as I write this, trying to explain to a 3 year old that it is not OK to just go and 'put your sand in the water' is next to impossible.

Whoever said when you have children you need eyes in the back of your head wasn't wrong.

Thankfully he is fine and completely unaware of my almost nervous breakdown and was back to causing havoc promptly afterwards.

Next time and thankfully there is a next time I will be putting my book down, it's weird as so many of the other French parents just let their children wander off on their own without battering an eye lid. Has the media really made us so paranoid that there is someone hanging around every corner waiting to steal our children?

Who knows but I for one cannot bear the thought of that feeling again so won't be risking it, maybe when he is 18 he can go out on his own.

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