6 October 2011

Damned mirrors!

So whilst we were away and I was sat on the beach looking round at all of the gorgeous french women I noticed I felt so concious of my body.

Now if I moan and say I need to lose a few pounds anyone who knows me and cares to read this blog will tell me I don't, but honestly I am the heaviest I have ever been.

Worst of all I am so unfit and untoned it's silly, I felt like a frumpy fatso sat on that beach and to make matters worse the bloody mirrors in the hotel room were slightly magnifying so I looked huge.

I have always felt confident about my body but after my daughter my boobaloobs are huge and I just don't feel connected to my body in the same way.

Everything has a slight jiggle and I just want to go the gym, why do all the good ones cost so bloody much?!?  I would love to start swimming again but my poor neck would suffer and we really don't have room for running machine in the house ;)

So if anyone has any tips on cheap and easy ways to tone up or know of any offers on at mum friendly gym's in Nottingham I would be most grateful.

PS I really hate running, especially in public!

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