7 October 2011

Signs...actual ones not ones from the other side!

So today when I was out for lunch with my grandparents I noticed a sign in the loo that says please don't put baby wipes, nappies etc down the toilet.

This got me thinking, has someone actually done this in order for a sign being needed asking not to do it?!? Thinking about it someone must have done virtually everything stupid you are warned not to do, you know like burning your mouth on a 'hot cup of coffee' because the contents might be hot, well duh!

I remembered a picture in a loo in Manchester which I had to go back and take a picture of...

I know why this might happen but still it's pretty funny!

What is the best sign you have ever seen, I'm pretty sure there is a website or two dedicated to them so might google next time I'm bored.

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