8 October 2011

Sad trip down memory lane, support your local shops.

I was doing my usual charity shop visiting in the town where I grew up and decided to look around the market, a once thriving market place that I remember visiting with my mum.

But now it is only a third of the size it used to be and this makes me so sad, I remember exactly what used to be there and where it was, there was the 'shoe man' and the 'egg lady'.

It pains me that my children will never get the sense of excitement I did from this and makes me more determined than ever to continue supporting local businesses.

This Christmas I am going to try and buy items from local and smaller businesses either via shops on the high street or on-line shopping.

So many people have lost their livelihoods in the recession and due to the building of large and 'cheaper' supermarkets who although bring jobs just don't offer the same personal service and experience I remember enjoying as a child.

I know it is probably too late now but maybe not, so next time your stuck for something to do on a Saturday morning why not take a trip to your local town and support the local businesses.

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  1. I try to support my local businesses too because they are always the ones that go when a new supermarket opens up. These days, you can buy almost anything online and this does put pressure on small local retailers.

    CJ xx


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