12 October 2011

To pee or not to pee that is the question

We were in the library yesterday and annoyingly even though I'd asked my son before we left if he needed one he announces he needed a wee.

I asked the rather miserable assistant if there was a toilet, 'no sorry' was his rather blunt and unhelpful answer.

I didn't have 20p on me to use the public one so took him behind a van in the corner of the car park.

Twenty something years ago when I was a little girl my mum just hung me over a drain on the street but now I think you'd be done for littering or indecent exposure doing this.

Have you done this? Is it OK? Obviously if I am near the car I could carry a potty but what if I'm not? Some places get rather annoyed if you just go in to use the loo so what is a mum to do?

If I'd had 20p on me I would have used the public toilet and it wouldn't have been a problem and instead this would have been a post about the state of a public toilets ;-)

Rant over and goodnight x

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