11 October 2011

Eeek the dreaded childhood illness!

Yesterday I noticed a rash on my daughters bottom and thighs, we use reuseable nappies and I had just changed to ecover liquid instead of powder so thought it might be an allergic reaction.

I immediately stopped using them however, after they seemed a little better last night she has loads of spots this morning, only a few on her arms and legs with the majority on her bottom so I took her to the doctors.

Her verdict was chicken pox, I am not 100% convinced just yet but we'll see what the other spots elsewhere turn in to.

My three year old hasn't had them yet so either he has had them midly and will be ok or I can expect him to be covered in spots some time soon or in the near future.

I know it's good for them to have this now but I wasn't expecting it and my poor little baby girl is teething too so is not in the best of moods at the moment, although I am sure better than my son will be and miles better than I would cope ;)

Any tips on what to use or how to cope would be gratefully received, I have calamine lotion and calpol from the doctor but other than that I am completely clueless!

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