25 November 2011

Favourite Recipe Friday - Christmas Gammon

Following on with the Christmas theme, this week we have a recipe which I am afraid isn't your normal recipe.

It came from a farmers wife who cooks it for her family at Christmas and it is a dab of this a measure of that etc, so I apologise in advance for the lack of measurements. But for me that is where the fun of cooking is!


Gammon Joint (whatever size you require, more is better as that means left overs for pies and lunches)
Borage Honey (a heather honey or something similar would be fine)
Orange Juice


1. Wipe the gammon dry and place in baking tray.

2. Coat with a layer of the honey making sure it covers all of the skin.

3. Pour over some orange juice so it coats the gammon and sprinkle with salt.

4. Pour water into the tray - about 2cm deep around the meat.

5. Cover with foil and seal over the tray sides.

6. Roast at 150/160c for approx 1hr per kg.

7. Baste with juices from time to time.

8. Cook to 75c or until the juices run clear.
9. I take the tin foil off for the last ten minutes and use the liquid to make a gravy if you fancy having it as a roast dinner.

Perfect for a roast dinner or as a sandwich filler warm or cold.

I normally cook this for boxing day with left over turkey, pickles, pork pie and cheeses. There is normally enough left for sandwiches and for a turkey and ham pie. Will do a recipe with this after Christmas me thinks :)

Favourite Recipe Friday

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