26 November 2011

What would happen if...

Shortly after my son was born my husband was taken into hospital with two slipped discs, he had to have them removed and was then unable to do anything for 3 months!

As I replaced the empty shower gel this morning and got my daughters breakfast ready I wondered what state of disrepair this house would fall into if the same thing happened to me?

We had no time to plan for him being ill, the Thursday we were told he needed to go into hospital on the Saturday he had the operation.

It is always me who notices things are running out and either gets them or tells my husband to get them, me who does the shopping, me who makes my daughters meals, me who does the majority of the cleaning and ironing, so what happens if I suddenly can't do those things!

I can't even begin to imagine, oh gosh can you just imagine the children! I am pretty sure they would be wearing the most hideous of outfits, we would have no loo roll and dinner would be the same two things on rotation!

Mmm maybe I should give my husband the benefit of the doubt, oh wait, I have been with him for nearly 9 years and still he fills the bin up to the point he is balancing things like a game of Jenga just like when I first met him!

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  1. I know the feeling. I reckon they'd either step up to the plate because they had to - although of course things wouldn't be done to our standards - or they'd get a serious amount of help from their mothers etc! x


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