16 November 2011

Our first and newest Christmas Tradition...

Well technically it's not a tradition yet, but I intend for it to be. I have pinched this idea from the lovely Karen over at All About the Boys recent blog post, I was looking for a tradition to start and it sounded perfect. Not only as it is a nice tradition, but it means the photos on Christmas Day might also look nice for once!

So what is it I here you pyjamas on Christmas eve is what! We will have a bath, put them on (kids PJ's will be wrapped up and secretly put on their bed) and then sit and watch a Christmas film before bed! Sounds like bliss doesn't it!

My son has recently become a bit choosy about his PJs and will refuse to wear certain sets, instead opting for a pair that are too small or missing buttons (that have long since gone).

So I just hope he likes the pair I choose and will wear them! Maybe if I tell him Santa has sent them he might wear them!

Anyway, I have been looking and so far I am loving this all in one from Marks and Spencer! It is devine and I think my son would look so cute in it!

For my daughter, I really love this romper from Mamas and Papas, it is sooo beautiful and just how I imagine Christmas PJs to be.

I don't think at 5'10 this will fit me but if it does I am wearing this, how I have longed to wear a romper! They look so comfortable, this one is from Marks and Spencer in case you too are desperate to relive being a baby ;)

And for the hubby, who normally appears on pictures topless (not really a good look for showing the relatives) I am thinking this simple shorts and t-shirt set from Marks and Spencer will look good. If he doesn't like them at least I got to ogle at the model in them ;)

I have chosen these shops to buy from as we currently have gift vouchers for them, however if anyone has any small or independent shops they can recommend for nightwear I would love to hear about them.

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