17 November 2011

Oh what a night, pass the match sticks please!

So I am super sleepy today, my son was up at about 11.30pm last night complaining his ear hurt and then his arm and leg! Not really sure what has happening but he just kept crying whenever me or my husband left the room so I slept on the floor next to his bed!

My son decided to join me on the floor, firstly he wanted the blanket I had! Then that he wanted my pillow and not the one he had and just kept finding reasons to wake me up. Bless him **she says through clenched teeth**!

He isn't usually like this and sleeps like a log so I knew something must be wrong and couldn't be to annoyed at him.

I was eventually woken to the sound of my daughter crying at 2.30am, at 6.30am my alarm goes off and it's time to start the day again.

My son wakes as bright eyed and bushy tailed as always, as if he has slept through the whole night! Grrrrr, I on the other hand feel like the living dead and have to get us all up and out of the house to nursery for 9am!

I used to go out on a work night and not get in till gone 2am and felt better than this with a ranging hangover and the prospect of work for eight and a half hours!

I am at work tomorrow afternoon again so I hope everyone has a better night tonight otherwise I am braving the cold and sleeping in the shed!

Just got a phone call to make and tomorrow's Favourite Recipe Friday to write up and then I think I am going to try and get an hours sleep....then again i'll probably just end up tidying

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