12 December 2011

Getting crafty for Christmas

Last week we made some Christmas cards for the grandparents, I got the idea from a post I saw retweeted by the fab Red Ted Art.

Basically we took some festive paper but you could do this straight onto a coloured card, red/green is pretty festive ;o)

I then got my two children to put their hands in some white paint and had printed onto the paper, once dried I drew on some hats, eyes, buttons and a carrot nose and hey presto snowman hand print cards.

I did them with both my daughter who is 10 months and my son who is 3 so you can do with your children however old!

Handmade, personal, totally unique and might I add super easy and cheap!

Here are our final four, I have some more to do but they are so simple I just had to share :)

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