14 December 2011

What's in the box!?!

I love it when I go round to see my grandparents and my gran says 'here are these any good to you', she normally finds a skirt or a box of something she no longer needs and as I am the only grandchild to visit regulraly I am offered said item.

This time though I didn't mind, when anyone hands you a biscuit box dated Best Before April 93 you know your in for a treat.

What's in the box?

And here is some of it's contents, some gorgeous and I suppose vintage decorations. Some just for  Christmas, some that will look gorgeous all year round.

I love these, they are paper and still look lovely!

These are a bit later but still you can tell they were made to last by the plastic holding the tassels

I'm not sure if she still has her button box but if she does I hope she offers me that one day, so many hours spent threading them onto cotton when I was little :D

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