15 December 2011

Thinking about things too much!

Last night I was watching the Royal Variety Performance and Greg Davies got me thinking about my school days.

He was talking about nick names at school and for me I was bullied so much it made me wonder how I would cope if my children get bullied!

Kids are mean, I used to get called coathanger shoulders or twig legs because I was so skinny, they always used to say 'she wants to be a model'. Looking back they were just being jealous cows, but at the time I wanted to die because of it!

Once during drama one of the less well off boys (a tramp as he was known to the other kids) ran up to me and put his hands out to stop himself from running into me, it looked like he was going to honk my boobs.

From that day forward and for the foreseeable future people went 'honk honk' and did that air boob pinching thing you do whenever I walked towards them (I can hear you sniggering and while it is funny now at the time I just used to cry)! Oh the shame :(

I had a PE skirt that one of the larger girls would always ridicule me for and say it looked like I had a hanky wrapped round me because I was so thin, looking back she was obese and the one that had issues and I shouldn't have worried about it but everyone laughed and that was that!

I suppose I have this knowledge and can arm my children with it and advise them of how best to deal with these bullies, after all I have a beautiful house, utterly gorgeous children and am still a pretty attractive woman (excuse the big head)!

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