6 December 2011

My oven is clean!

Today I have had my oven cleaned, I am not ashamed to admit this as it is now super sparkly!

I would have waited till after Christmas but it was so smelly that I thought it better to have it done before, so all my mince pies and Christmas biscuits get to cook away in a smell free oven!

Our oven is self cleaning but only the back and sides apparently so I just have it all done, the guys we use at RENU are brilliant and after an hour being here it is as sparkly as the day we had it installed.

The man who came was really nice he said I had a lovely house and even said it was a good oven and we should be proud of it!

Brilliant service and I am so happy with it, annoyingly I didn't take a picture of it before he cleaned it but here it is sparkling away :)

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