5 December 2011

What is 'time on your own'?

I can't remember the last time I spent any time on my own, I mean on me!

About the only 10 minutes peace and quiet I get is when i'm in the shower but still I am usually thinking about whether the children are ok.

I go back to work in January, those two days a week will be my 'me time' I mean what the hell! I am going to get my hair done at the end of this week but I am taking my daughter with me so it won't be relaxing as such.

But then thinking about it what is time on your own, me time, time to yourself????

Surely you give up the right to time on your own when you have children don't you?

I just think life is so different now days, my husband is away a lot, he go's to work early and gets home late. I literally don't have any time to sit down and relax without someone wanting or needing me or having to do some house work.

My dad was home the same time every night and there was very rarely any change to that, my mum always had a bath in the evening and went to a coffee morning every Tuesday for many years once we had gone to school.

I know I shouldn't moan but could this be the reason I am so stressed all the time? Do I need to let my hair down? If someone said I'll look after the kids for a few hours you go and do something nice what would I do?

Sigh, I don't know and that is why I am writing this post!

On a happier note the Christmas tree is up, just wish hubby wasn't off to Finland next week for three days!


  1. When my older two were little my husband was away for about 3-4 nights every week, often out of the country. I had no family around and no support system. In retrospect I should have organised more baby-sitting to give me some breathing time, and if you can possibly do that, I would really advise it. I don't know why I felt such guilt at the thought of doing it because I would have been a much better mother if I had.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, I feel awful for moaning and it is so difficult as I do miss the kids when I'm not with them but just sometimes it would be nice to have some time to myself that didn't involve cleaning! I agree though I think it would make me a better Mummy.


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