3 January 2012

Back to work...sad face!

So this week I have to go back to work, this is not a choice but a necessity.

After suffering with PND when my son was born I think I needed work, but with two children and knowing this is my second and last one I can't face leaving my daughter!

I haven't stopped smiling at my her since the day she was born, she is such a sweetie and the thought of not being with her every day is seriously breaking my heart!

I am so angry at me and my husband for getting ourselves into debt because if we didn't have it I could be a stay at home mum.

But these are debts we've had hanging over our heads for years and one led to another that lead to another and now I think it has hit home!

I don't know where I'm going with this but just had to put my feelings down :(

I just know I feel awful, sick, stupid and so so angry!

But I have to face facts, there is nothing I can do. I know she's in safe hands at nursery with the people who have looked after and have helped shape my truly wonderful little boy.

Hopefully now we have a plan this might only be a temporary situation.

After all if my son can't get into a school with before/after school club working in the day might not be an option! But that's another story!

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  1. ah hope you have a good day at least, Im sure it will get easier as time goes by


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