5 January 2012

The school saga continues!

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that we are currently going through the process of choosing my sons school for September. Really has nothing stressed me more than this!

Not just because I am pretty sure he won’t get into any of the schools we want, but because of the way it is handled.

How awful that you choose six schools and then wait for several weeks before opening an email or letter that makes or breaks yours and your child’s entire world.

This is worse than waiting for my exam results, this is life changing! Truly I feel more sick about this than I did when I went for my 12 week scan for my daughter after we suffered a miscarriage the time previous.

How they can do this to parents is beyond comprehension, I know everyone goes through the same. But surely rather than it being this way something should just be done to improve all schools (ok, ok I’m living in a dream world) but I don’t remember my parents going through this.

My husband’s parents obviously did as they sent him to a private school, I am that worried about the school in our area we have looked into a private school, but without crippling ourselves financially it isn’t possible!

My little boy is so just so wonderfully lovely I would hate for him to be put somewhere horrible, I am holding onto the fact that a mum I met on a visit round another school was in the same position. So maybe it isn’t all bad and there will be other parents in the same situation and our children will find each other.

Fingers crossed that there aren’t many 4 year olds in the areas we are looking into, I am going to look round our catchment area school next week and am hoping it isn’t as bad as it seems from the outside!

Mmm excuse any bad grammar, lack of punctuation etc. This was written in my lunch break as I'm back at work. But that's another story!!!


  1. it makes me feel sick too, we only put three school down, just have to wait and see now.

  2. Fingers crossed, there are five other schools in our area but all are over subscribed! It's such an awful thing to think you have no control over it :( I hope you get the place you want :)

  3. i know how you feel, it is so tough. It is so important and yet you feel it is out of your hands really... We also put 3 down, local school is not too bad...but now there's a fourth choice, a new free school (montessori) We are really in doubt, like the idea, but as it is not yet there so hard to judge... I just posted about the dilemma, click if you want the full story. (as advise is very welcome...)


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