2 February 2012

Dangers in the night!

Yes I know it's strangers in the night, but for the purpose of this post I mean dangers!

The sort of danger that would leave me very soggy and distraught!

Dear men of this world, if you go for a wee in the night and adopt the standing position whilst remembering to lift the seat up! Then please oh please put it down after you (if there is a woman or child in the house anyway).

Fortunately there was enough light for me to see in the loo this morning, but had I been a bit sleepier there might have been a lot of 3am swearing.

Obviously if you don't lift the seat up and wee on it then there will probably be some muttering under the breath about how disgusting you are, but no where near as bad!

Ladies should this ever happen to you or your a prankster like me. I can thoroughly recommend taking all of the loo roll out of the toilet, men aren't very likely to notice these sort of things and are left at your mercy.

Much love x

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