1 February 2012

Hardest job in the world?

Being a mum is hard, it starts from the moment you wake up and doesn't stop till you finally manage to fall asleep that night!

Sometimes whilst everyone else is asleep you think about mum things, washing, money, dinner, getting up and getting everyone dressed, whether everyone has pants and socks!

Ok so looks like this is one of those posts with too many exclamation marks!!!!

I don't mind all of this but it would just be nice to have a little bit of time without a 'have you done the ironing', 'mummy can I have a biscuit', 'mummy this dinner smells like dog poo' (I kid you not that is what my 3 year old said tonight!)

I tweeted tonight that I was sat on the landing having five minutes to myself whilst I ran the kids a bath, this is just pants!

I don't get many of these moments, I like to think it's when I am having a shower but then I am thinking about the children and what they are up to, when I am having a wee I have the door open in case someone needs me! I have lost count of the times I have sat talking to a child who has come to see what I am doing whilst sitting on the loo.

I often sit in the car outside the house if the kids have fallen asleep on the journey home, read my emails, have a look on twitter, it's better than carrying two rather heavy lumps into the house!

As I walk through the house picking up this, moving that I just long for five minutes to sit and think. To drink a hot drink in peace, now I have gone back to work this is about the only time I get to myself and that is even sadder.

The hours are long and the money none existent but the love and snuggles makes up for that, I just think that you should get some time off every once in a while.

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  1. this blog post is so true, its the hardest job in the world but the best one in the world too. x


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