29 February 2012

Do something yummy...

I did mention this fabulous cause on the blog a few weeks ago, but since the lovely people over at  Love All Blogs have asked so nicely for us to share pictures of cake I thought I'd mention it again.

This time with a picture of the yummy Banana Loaf I made a few weeks ago. The recipe is by Holly from the fabulous Recipes of a Normal Mum.

Hope you like, it was very yummy and every single one of my brood enjoyed it :)

Yummy Mummy Week is a week long fundraising event (10-18th March 2012) where mums are being asked to get together with friends and family and do something yummy for CLIC Sargent.
Today ten children in the UK will hear the news they have cancer. By taking a few minutes of your time and posting on your own blog you’ll be  helping to raise awareness and supporting a worthy cause. You can find out what CLIC Sargent does here.


  1. Lovely to see bananas getting their time in the spotlight amongst the cupcakes!

    Thank you for supporting and joining in - but not for making me so ruddy hungry!!!

    1. I have a super obsession with cupcakes at the moment, they are just so pretty! Brings out my girly and creative side ;) Sorry for making you hungry, next time i'll post a pudding that went wrong, the only way I can describe it was apple glue!


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