28 February 2012

Olly the Little White Van Review

We were sent the second series of Olly the Little White Van to review and so far it has been a big hit with my three year old, it even had my one year old dancing.

My son loves it and has been singing the theme tune to us all day, I have watched it too and the characters are fun, endearing and help to promote helping each other.

Olly is voiced by Justin Fletcher (of Mr Tumble fame) and as usual he adds a little excitement to the character that brings him to life.

The cheeky little white van helps to spread the message that helping others is good and that you should always try to help someone, even if you don't always get it right.

The music is catchy and as with most of these types of things you know its good when you find yourself singing it at inappropriate times of the day (i.e. when the kids are in bed).

The website has some great games on it too as well as some useful fact sheets and activities to get your children helping around the home and out and about.

I think the only way the series could be made better is if the episodes were a little longer, at five minutes the children are just getting into it and then it ends.

We, I mean my son, is really looking forward to the third series which is out Summer/Autumn this year and we will be on the look out for the toys and games which are due out after Easter.

Also running on the website at the moment is a competition whereby your child can get on TV with Olly and appear singing/dancing/mucking around at the end of Olly as the credits play out.

Overall it has been a big hit with us and we look forward to seeing more episodes.

Disclosure: We were given a DVD of Series 2 to review; all opinions are honest and my own

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