21 February 2012

Pancake Day

I thought I would share my favourite pancake recipe and ideas with you today.

First of all I use my trusty Be-Ro recipe for pancake mix,  adding a little more milk will give you a crepe like consistency if you like them thin and crispy (as I do, but I have to cater for the masses).

Then onto filling, without a doubt my most indulgent, feel like a pig, but oh my it tastes so wonderful is Nutella and Clotted is amazing you can literally taste the calories but I don't care it's one day of the year.

I also love them savoury and my favourite recipe for them is Spinach and Ricotta, they can be made super simple by buying the pancakes and sauce ready made, you have to just put everything together. Or you can make from scratch if you have time with a simple tomato pasta sauce.

I also love them simple with just lemon/orange and sugar on, although I never manage to get the juice to sugar ratio and am always disappointed so I tend to now go for Nutella or the other favourites Maple or Golden Syrup!

Mmm whose idea was it to save having the pancakes until tonight, I am now salivating at the thought of them!

I will post some pictures later but for now, happy pancake day :)


  1. Is that today? Why, o why does it always sneak up on me?

    ....rushes off to by milk and eggs.....

    1. My son has been going on about pancakes for days so i haven't been able to forget ;)


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