6 March 2012

A clean house is a happy house?!?

I have been trying to keep on top of my cleaning, every time I watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding I feel ashamed and inadequate, these women cleaning the skirting boards!

I have never once cleaned the skirting boards in our house, maybe hoovered them but never got some soap and water out and started scrubbing them!

Last weeks episode saw one young girl cleaning with bleach and no gloves. There was actually shock on my face, my poor hands suffer enough, these women must be hard core.

They also said that if a boy/man was caught cleaning they call him a sissy, but I think it's because men just don't clean the same way and you'd just end up doing it again.

I clean the kitchen floor maybe once a fortnight if it's lucky, we have a steam mop so it is pretty easy but still when do I do it?

I vacuum at least twice a day, I can't cope with treading on bits of left over food or crumbs from breakfast!

I clean the kitchen one or twice a week and the bathroom once a week but there are a few dust bunnies in the rooms at times...but that's OK right?

On top of washing, ironing, taking the children out, cooking, working, running a business and so on...

...please someone tell me there is more to life than cleaning or am I a dirty and rubbish housewife?!?

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  1. Hi great post.
    I constantly ask myself the same questions. My partner is a bit of a clean freak and likes the house to be immaculate all the time which I know is impossible with two kids. I always feel like I don't clean enough x


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