5 March 2012

We have lift off!

Well not exactly lift off, but today my little girl pulled herself up for the first time!

*excuse me a second whilst I sob into a tissue* Soon she will be walking and then she will be a toddler and no longer a baby!

I can see why some women have child after child, as much as I enjoy watching her grow there is part of me that just wants her to be my baby that little bit longer. But as she curiously watches her brother running round like a mad man I can see in her eyes the desire to be chasing him.

The term 'eyes in the back of your head' has never rung so true, I have no idea how I am going to keep tabs on them both once they are both mobile.

I suppose we had better think about getting her some shoes *claps* with my son there wasn't a huge choice but for girls...whoa nelly I am soooo excited.

Just have to get her little feet measured (and I mean little she has the dinkiest of feet) and then off I shop, first stop will be Little Stomper if you haven't visited them you should.

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