14 March 2012

Toddler activities - growing cress

My son has been planting bulbs and seeds at nursery and I wanted to carry it on at home so we decided to plant some cress.

We had some left over from when we did it last year and it is so much fun to see his little face once it has grown.

When we took it out of the cupboard it went from being white in the morning to green when it had been out in the sun for a few hours, it was brilliant!

You will need:
1 x empty butter/margarine tub or something similar
1 x packet of cress
Some cotton wool

1.  Get your bits ready to assemble

2. Put the cotton wool into the container

3. Add some water to the cotton wool so it is completely soaked

4. Sprinkle the seeds over as evenly as possible (please note this probably won't happen when a child is helping but it's OK)

6. Put the container in a warm dark place, leave for a week and they should have sprouted. Take out and then leave on a window sill.

7. Once it has turned green and is nice and tall, trim and have in egg sandwiches for lunch :)

This is such a simple and cheap thing do do and it really gives children a sense of how things grow, they get to try what they have grown because it is so quick see it happening!

Happy growing!

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  1. We used to grow it in egg shells with faces drawn on it looked like hair! It's a great children's activity as it grows so quickly, they don't need much patience !


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