10 April 2012

Born in the 80s!

Today I saw a little girl picking a dandelion, that got me thinking about the old wives tale of wetting the bed if you picked them.

This led me on to thinking about dandelion and burdock, do they even still make it?

We then went to do a little charity shopping and I found these two books, although they aren't vintage I do have these exact ones at my mum and dads from the 80s. I think they might even be worth something now, I loved them so much I have bought these for my son (don't want him manhandling the vintage ones).

I do enjoy reminiscing about my youth, I'm lucky enough I remember it. My husband seems to have forgotten everything that happened in his!

I love my old school toys and stuff, after a visit to Wonder Years in Bude a few years ago I sought out this Fisher Price Activity Centre which dates back to late 70s.

I also have a couple of Keypers and my old Silver Cross dolls pram for my daughter when she is a bit older. I love that all of these things don't require any batteries, now days there is nothing more sad than the sound of a toy that's batteries are running out!

What do you remember from your childhood? Have you bought something because you had it?


  1. I had that activity centre as a kid or one very similar. Forgot all about it! I love those books too! x

    1. They were the best weren't they! I had to have the activity center and i'm not sure i'll ever be able to part with it :(

  2. I had a fisher price tree house that I just loved, xxxx

    1. I had some many things that my mum and dad threw away that would have been so awesome to have for my children! But it was the way it was back then!


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