11 April 2012

My little French Fancy!

We took our children to France for the first time last year, we stayed in a little Gite just outside Reims and it was great.

Something we bought for breakfast on the first day and became a firm favourite with us and the children were Madeleines.

A small French cake that is perfect dipped in chocolat chaud!

I bought a mould from Sew White a few weeks ago and finally got round to using it at the weekend.

I was a little unsure about silicone as I have some other silicone cake moulds and sometimes the cakes  stick, however these worked perfectly.

There were so many recipes to choose from but I eventually settled on this one from Waitrose, I made half vanilla and half orange.

The resulting Madeleines were very yummy and lasted all of a day, I only ate a few of them honest!

Came out of the mould really easily!

They look so pretty!

Sitting beautifully in my dish from The White Approach.

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