5 April 2012

Easter Activites

So Easter is finally upon us and with the weather not looking so great I have been looking at fun things to do with the children....

First on the agenda we have an Easter egg hunt, this is great for indoors or outdoors really and is super simple. I have some little chicks that are going to be guarding the eggs, my son just has to spot these to find his eggs (little chocolate eggs at each chick).

To decorate the house I have found these gorgeous garlands that you can print out at home and hang up around the house or

I also found some masks in Hobbycraft that you can colour in and decorate, these are really great for toddlers and I will be using at my sons birthday party in a few weeks, but for now the bunny ones are great for Easter.

Next we will be baking some more Easter cakes, we had a test run last weekend and produced these beauties it is just a standard victoria sponge mix for the cakes and then a super yummy chocolate icing from the Hummingbird Bakery book on top, topped with some Easter treats.

Kids love to help decorate cupcakes

I have also bought some chocolate moulds from  Sew White, we have had a go with them already but will make some more at the weekend if it doesn't brighten up. My son really loved helping make them and the chocolates we made haven't lasted long either so they are big hit.

Posh chocolate button anyone?

Chocolate dinosaurs!

I think for breakfast tomorrow we will be having Madeleines, again using a new mould I bought from Sew White and then we'll be having Mutton for tea.

Should it brighten up there is an open day at a local Animal Shelter so we will probably venture to that, you get to see some animals whilst supporting the charity :)

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  1. I somehow happened across you on Twitter :-) read loads of your tweets, smiling! Thought, hooray!! someone that sounds like me! and came across to give you a follow. Really great blog! Love the choc buttons in a HUGE way, Zoe x


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