4 April 2012

Pasta, what's your favourite type?

We normally have Penne pasta, but the other day whilst shopping with my son I asked him what he'd like and he chose Fusilli.

This got me thinking, we only ever eat Penne and yet there are so many other types of pasta out there, should we be more adventurous?

So my question to you is what other pasta do you use and how? We often have pasta with sauces or pasta bake or I have it cold with left over chicken and sweetcorn. Can you use any shape or type and do they taste any different?

A quick google of pasta and a look on Wikipedia tells me I am missing out on sooooo many different types and really, I am a pasta virgin.

So tell me about your favourite pasta or better still recipes that contain them...please :)

Which pasta is your favourite?

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  1. I love linguine - specifically Dreamfields low carb linguine. My eldest son loves tortellini. You can get it fresh at the supermarket but dried has to come, for some reason, from an Italian Deli as supermarkets don't seem to stock it! We get loads when we're in Italy, though this year we're flying, so not sure how that'll work out!

  2. Tagliatelle ! With smokey bacon and thinly sliced parsnip all fried up - OM NOM NOM. Rats! No I am hungry!!!!


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