3 April 2012

Our visit to Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and Wildlife Centre

Last week we went to the seaside for the day, we went to Mablethorpe on the east coast and whilst it was a little cooler we decided to visit the Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and Wildlife Centre.

I am so glad we did as it was a lovely warm spot behind the dunes. They had some wonderful animals there and my sons favourite things in the whole wide world, Dinosaurs. Obviously not real ones that would be to Jurassic Park, but some fossils and a walk through, explaining all about the different types of dinosaurs and why they are extinct.

Sadly this is all too true and a little saddening!

Most of the animals there are ones that have been injured and are being looked after because they can't be let back into the wild. This particularly friendly fellow with his piercing blue eyes was so tame...

The meercats (who seem to be popping up everywhere) were a particular favourite...

Quite a few feathered friends who had obviously come out worse when trying to say hello to a car!

Stretching out in the sun!

And finally our seal friends, there weren't too many of these chaps, but that's because they are treated and then released back. Only if things are really bad are they kept there.

Pretty sure he's smiling!
Soaking up the sun!

Popeye who was very poorly when he came in years ago is a long term resident! Just gorgeous :)

There is a vegetarian cafe and space to sit outside, it is a really lovely place and not too expensive either. It is wheelchair and pushchair friendly too so perfect for those with smaller children.

So I leave you with this cheeky fella and if you happen to be over that way this summer, I can thoroughly recommend a visit to support the wonderful work they do.

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