30 April 2012

I rename thee the Royal Fail!

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me moaning about the Royal Mail earlier and with good reason. I ordered a bag last week, it was posted on Monday 1st class and still it has not arrived.

It's not the first time though. Last year I ordered a toy for my son, it never arrived and so the company we bought it from had to send out a replacement.

Earlier this year I ordered a comforter for my daughter, a week later it arrived with not even a sorry!

No other company could carry on like this, inflating prices and yet providing an ever poorer service.

It's never consistent, I remember the time when you could set your watch by the postman now they come at various times throughout the day, if at all some days!

It really grinds my gears as a small business owner that they are the only cheap(ish) service around to get small packets and letters anywhere.

In fact if someone else could come up with a similar idea and just actually get post where it is supposed to go on time then they would be onto a winner.

Somewhere someone has a lovely new bag that they haven't paid for, I have lost out on owning it for a week and the poor small business I bought it from has now lost out too (have you seen the form you have to fill out for lost items and they have had to pay to ship another out).

If I were the queen I would be asking for my head to be removed from the stamps. Surely it can't be considered Royal anymore, there is nothing about it that is Royal, it is a total mess.

Sadly I have no choice but to continue to use them and I must therefore grin and bear it but it does put me off purchasing online...not good when I own an online business.

Thank goodness for understanding business owners who don't accuse me of trying to cheat them out of goods, but how long before that does happen? Grrrr. Rant over, as you were!

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