2 May 2012

World Foods Aisle Bargain Buys

When buying herbs and spices I always look in the world food aisles in the local supermarket.

Often you can get 100g bag of spice for a fraction of the price you'd pay for branded and even shops own brand.

For example a 100g bag of Natco cumin is only 69p compared to 95p for 46g of an own brand cumin or £1.48 for 28g of a branded box of cumin!
The difference? I certainly can't tell and neither can my family!

For things like coconut milk if you look on the world foods aisle a tin of Dunn's River coconut milk is about 99p where as on the cooking sauce/Thai food aisle the branded coconut milk is £1.99! You can even freeze it in ice cube bags for future use so no need to worry about it being a big tin!

My husband who is particularly fond of Bombay Mix always buys it from the world food aisle as it is much cheaper for the same size bag as on the crisp aisle, for example this 350g bag is only 99p whereas the a 200g own brand bag is £1.00.

So next time you are shopping for spices and other world foods check to see if you local supermarket has a world food aisle.

In a time where every penny counts it makes sense to look at these things, the cheapest cuts of meat and vegetables can be improved with the addition of herbs and spices and at these prices you can afford to experiment.

If you are a member of Makro or Costco or know someone who is then do check out the large tubs of herbs and spices in there. They last for ages and if you could always go halves with another family member if you don't think you'll use it all!


  1. Great post, i noticed ages ago with chickpeas and kidney beans about 39p in world foods compared to 89p in shops own brand!!Crazy!! xx

    1. Thank you for your comment, it's silly isn't it! There is nothing wrong with them they are just not in branded packaging! Definitely the way to go though :)


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