14 May 2012

Accessibility Fail!

So, we went to Wollaton Hall yesterday to support some local businesses that were in the Courtyard and RSPCA event and for a nice walk in the sunshine.

It was a bad back and neck day for both me and my husband. Our son wanted to walk around the hall but we thought no problem, we can use the lift that is there for the less able.

We couldn't have been more wrong! After getting the pushchair down some steps so we could use the lift to the top floor, we then found out from a very rude gentleman at the exit, that we couldn't get out any other way than via the huge steps down at the front of the building!

I suffer with a very bad neck and my husband had two slipped disks four years ago so although we aren't in wheelchairs we still both struggle with these things some days.

We were mortified that we were spoken to so rudely, the assistant implied that it wasn't their problem and we would need to get out ourselves!

I phoned the hall up when we got home to ask whether it is accessible for pushchairs, they advised it is. When I asked whether this was the lift or steps they advised it was via steps! How on earth does that make it accessible for pushchairs? If I was on my own there is no way I could get the pushchair up or down the steps.

In future, we will take our business elsewhere and not support this site. They would usually gain revenue from our car parking charges, ice cream and coffee purchases. Instead, we will find another location to spend our hard earned cash at.

After some great customer service elsewhere recently, this has left a bitter taste in my mouth. How on earth are the younger generations supposed to be educated when no provisions are made for them to access this sort of thing.

If anyone from Wollaton Hall or Nottingham City Council reads this please sort it out and if you want to talk to me about it you can email me at themummydiary [at]

My son is a very inquisitive four year old and loves this sort of thing but we left today feeling very deflated by our experience.

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