17 May 2012

Mummy is ill again!

I don't think I have been well for more than a week this year, maybe something is wrong, I don't know!

Probably a mixture of being tired, going back to work and my daughter starting nursery!

All I know is I need a break, so this weekend I will be looking for some cheapish holidays, just something that means I can get away from the four walls of home and chill.

Preferably near a beach, so should it be warm we can eat sandwiches by the sea and chips on the sea front.

See, just thinking about it is making me feel a bit better!

I'm 30 in June, we have a few weeks booked off work and I think it's my right to have a few days away to chill as I don't want a party (not being miserable just prefer to be with my family)!

So if anyone has any caravan site recommendations, cheapish beach locations or anywhere really that they have good last minute offers but that they can highly recommend then leave a comment....pretty please.

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  1. Oh dear, poor you! Not sure where you're based, but Park Holidays have been doing some crazy offers recently. All their sites are along the south coast. Will keep an ear out for any other cheap breaks. Hope you feel better soon x


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