24 July 2012

How would you spend yours?

As my husband checked the lottery ticket upstairs I wondered what he would say if we'd won?

How does that conversation go? He said he'd probably pack his bags and leave quietly. This was a joke (I hope) , instead he'd tell me to grab my jacket we were going shopping!

We only won £18, but this weekend the national lottery are making 100 people millionaires!

I mean what would we buy first? A new bed probably, as ours is rubbish!!! Then a new house near a better school for our son! All the debts paid off and then back to work for an easier life!

Oh to have no mortgage or bills looming over us, it's every persons dream!

So fingers crossed, I'm sure we won't win anything but as hubby always says you gotta be in it to win it!

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  1. i done a post like this a while ago & i would love to pay of the mortgage it would make life so much easy.


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