26 July 2012

Today I feel rather patriotic!

Last night I was honoured to be one of about 60,000 people who got to watch the technical rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Games.

Until last night I was sceptical and not excited, now I am full of patriotism and super thrilled to have been given such an amazing opportunity I will never forget.

Danny Boyle has done us proud and I will be watching tomorrow night for the extra bits we didn't get to see.

I really hope that the world see's this for what it really is, a celebration of all things British and the wonderful, talented and hard working athletes from around the world that will be taking part in the games.

I cannot show you any more pictures than this for now because we were asked not to spoil the surprise.

If you have the chance to watch it tomorrow then I can totally recommend it!

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