9 July 2012

Our Holiday Safari Adventure

Ok, ok so we didn't really go on a safari, but we did visit the Cerza Safari Park in Normandy.

For one day my son got to pretend to be Steve Backshall or Steve from the Deadly 60 as he is known in our house.

Telling us all about the different animals and their pray, as well as getting us to pretend to be his camera man!

Love the colours of this gorgeous Macaw!

Look at that face!
Love the eyes!
Gorgeous Tapir
A rather nosey baby bear
It just started raining as we got to the Giraffes
Why anyone would want to kill a Rhino I don't know!
Trying to hide behind the leaves!
Loved these fellas!
 And finally, probably the highlight of my sons day was this amazing Alligator Snapping Turtle, we have seen them on the Deadly 60 and to see one in real life was amazing. Can you see the little pink bit of skin in his mouth? Well he uses this as a lure to attract fish and then snap and the fish is dinner! Totally amazing!

My son was delighted when we saw this Alligator Snapping Turtle

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