10 July 2012

Getting out into the Countryside

Me and hubby have decided we would really like to get out into the country side and back to nature, not only for ourselves but for the children too.

I think to start this will just be walking in the peak district and local areas but hopefully as we get braver we might buy a tent and some equipment.

I have been looking at what we need and here is what I have found so far:

I am thinking a pair of cargo type trousers for me:

Along with some hiking shoes:

And a nice waterproof coat:

Hubby already has some hiking boots so he just needs some trousers and a waterproof jacket:

They don't currently have any kids stuff on the Decathlon website but I know they do have them so I will be getting my son some hiking boots and waterproof clothes and my daughter will be in her buggy whilst she is still unable to walk.

I have found a great site to start us off with walks where we can take the pushchair so will be looking on here and then probably set up a new blog to document our journey into finding nature.

If anyone has any other good buys for hiking, walking etc then I would love to hear them, we are all new to this and just want to get out there!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the walkswithbuggies website, that's very handy to know about. Hope you enjoy your countryside exploration! We tend to get our outdoor gear from Mountain Warehouse and they have good sales :-).


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