11 July 2012

School Dinners, what to do?

So, we are currently filling in the forms for our son who is starting school in September and one of the questions is what will he be having for lunch? Will he be having a hot meal or taking a packed lunch.

Now for me I always took a packed lunch, whereas my husband who went to a private school had a hot school meal.

There is a lot of chatter about school dinners and the sometimes poor quality and offerings, but how do we know for sure? We will never see them?

My son is a pretty good eater, but given a choice I worry that he might just choose chips and fish fingers every day!

At nursery I know they have a varied meal schedule with everything from lentils to fish and meat. In the afternoon they make their own sandwiches and someone keeps a good eye on them to ensure they choose veg as well.

At £1.60 a day it will cost considerably less to make a lunch than pay for it but hubby thinks not, what does he know though!

I would love to hear some other experiences of this, asking my son, he wants to take sandwiches however my husband says 'he's four what does he know!'

Does the drama of starting school ever end?!?

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  1. My two girls at present only have the option for pack lunches. You can buy a pack lunch through the school, but my eldest did not think much of it (she was entitled to free school meals for a while), as one of the days was a sausage sandwich. She likes sausages just not in bread. So I went back to making my own.

    However, a hot meal building is being thrown up within the school grounds, so depending on what is offered and the cost of the meals I might consider it. I hope they will send a meal plan home so I can make an informed choice.

    I follow VEG, the young lass who takes photo's of her school meals, and sometimes I worry about the fare on offer for her as IMO it does not look overly healthy at times.


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