29 August 2012

From Two Tiny Pink Lines

This time next week my son will have completed his first ever afternoon at school, it seems like only five minutes ago I saw those pink lines on a Tesco pregnancy test!

My much awaited 'hope' finally a reality, nine months going by with so much happiness and then to be greeted by probably the most perfect and wrinkly person I had ever met (until that point anyway).

And now that tiny speck, that tiny person is going to school. Instead of carefully washing and ironing small tiny baby-grows I am washing and ironing a school uniform.

Part of me is screaming to turn back the clock, bring back those precious moments, but I know deep down that there are more to come.

My son is like a sponge, coming out with such amazing things every day. So aware of the world and so perfect in every way. He will keep giving, making me happy and sad and so amazed that I made him, me, I made a person!

I'll probably sob all the way back from school on Wednesday and he'll probably run off without a care in the world. But that's my job isn't it,  to be there when he needs me, when he thinks he doesn't and to never stop caring. He will always be my baby, my little wrinkly bald perfect baby, my little piece of hope.

Love you baby boy.

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