27 August 2012

Miniland Educational Toy Review

My son has been off from nursery during the holidays for a break before he starts school and I have still wanted to keep him counting and busy with educational activities so he doesn't forget what it's like.

So I was grateful when we were sent some educational toys from DKL Toys to review, they are made by Miniland Educational and as soon as I had opened the package my son was excited. The bright and fun packaging appealed to him and it was a difficult choice which to open first.

We went with the sewing templates first, the box contains 3 thick plastic animal silhouettes, six different characters to sew onto them and then 9 different laces for sewing with.

The finished product!
The thick plastic means that they can be used time and time again, so far the paper silhouettes have lasted without becoming damaged and having two of each character gives the child choice and means they can do it again with a different character.
The characters are engaging and sewing the brightly coloured shoes laces through the holes helps with fine motor skills, perfect for helping with my sons writing skills.

The second toy is counting hands, the toy comes with six cards which have different hands on (left and right) and different numbers of fingers on them, using the cards the aim is for the child to find the hands with the right number on and thread them onto the string, counting as they go.

Whilst this was a really great for teaching my son to count and look how to spot the different hands etc there was a little confusion as to what to do as no instructions came with it and there weren't enough of the hands to match the cards.

Card says for four right hands but there are only two of each?!?
I think if we disregarded the cards and just got on with counting etc it would have been OK but I'm not really sure whether we are using it right or not! It certainly confused my son who spent several frustrated minutes looking for the right hands to match the card!

However, the hands and laces are of good quality and have withstood some prodding and swinging around on the end of the string.

You can find a full list of stockists of this range at DKL Toys or they are available from Miniland on Amazon currently £9.50 for the animal characters and £9.45 for the counting hands.

Disclosure: We were sent these items to review by DKL Toys, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review - I think the hands are for sums and sequencing? Kids always seem to finds their own learning in toys like these any way :)


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