26 September 2012

Mini Blackberry Crumble

I have found that if my son helps make something or has had some involvement in it, he eats it no questions asked.

The other week he had helped my mum pick some blackberries from their garden so as a quick pudding I made some mini blackberry crumbles.

These are quick because I always have some crumble mix in the freezer, a good tip is to just make an extra batch when making a large one, perfect for quick or emergency puddings.

Add a handful of frozen blackberries into a ramekin, top with the crumble mix, add a sprinkle of sugar and bake until the top is golden and voila....

For children I advise removing from the ramekin as it will be hot, serve with a dollop of ice cream or some cream and away you go.

I would love to hear what quick and easy puddings you have that are a mini person favourite.

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