25 September 2012

What's in the Box?

Well actually it is a lunch bag but that doesn't have the same ring to it!

I have had packed lunches on the brain for the last few weeks, is mine OK, is my son enjoying them etc.

Then a week ago we got a pack from school, one of the leaflets stated that a packed lunch was full of fat, salt and sugar and that instead I should pay for him to have a school meal.

That would be all well and good if he wanted to have a school meal and is this really the case for the lunches I prepare, certainly in comparison with what he would be served at school!

My worry is more my lunches aren't filling enough because he has so much in the way of fruit and veg. However he always has a hot meal at home in the evening, freshly prepared with all the veg I can fit on a plate.

So what do you think?


Pitta with Ham and Cheese
1/3 Pack of Quavers
Cucumber & Carrot
Pear and Grapes
Raisins (OK I know grapes and raisins but he doesn't know)

Pitta with Ham and Cheese (again I know but it was his choice)
Homemade Sausage Roll
Cucumber and Carrot
Raisins (not in picture as was an afterthought)

The school lunch for Monday dinner was:

Cheese and Vegetable Stuffed Jacket or Red Onion and Pepper Quiche, served with Boiled Potatoes, Baked Beans or Broccoli and then pudding of Jelly and Oranges or Fruit Salad.

on Tuesday

Beef Lasagne or Cheese and Vegetable Cobbler served with Carrot and Swede Batons, Salad, Bread or Mashed Potato and then pudding of Fruit Salad or Chocolate Sponge Pudding and Custard.

Now all this sounds wonderful but can they really be sure of the salt, fat, sugar content of these when making on mass? I make them at home and to be sure it tastes of something you would need to add some salt, sugar etc.

So, for now I will continue to come up with different lunches for my son to take with him, hopefully as he gets older I can include soups, pasta and quiche etc but at the moment he doesn't like these so I have to find new ways to present what is essentially a sandwich.

Am I just being too fussy/silly/paranoid/all of the above?

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