30 December 2013

Gorgeous Turbans and Headbands for Your Little One

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a gorgeous headband from Rhyla over on their IG feed.

It's always difficult to tell what something will be like from a picture on the Internet so when this arrived and was way and above what I'd hoped for I was super excited.

Not only was the quality amazing but the attention to detail is magnificent and best of all it looks perfect on.

Now because they are amazing quality and gorgeous too they already have a bit of a following, especially in the celebrity world with the cute little Penelope Disick daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick wearing them.

I chose the Ryhla black and white sailor knot turban for my daughter, it is classic and well it looked darn cute on the model.

It looks great on my daughter and best of all as she needed a large it fits me too, I mean I have in no way borrowed it...honest. OK so I did but hay its really cute.

The material is super soft and I love the knot detail it is really beautiful.

At the knot at the back there is this cute little heart tag which is a really cute touch.

Even though my daughter has really fair hair it still looks great on, she isn't normally one for things in her hair but loves this.

There are a few others I adored but alas I could only choose one, I may be back for more though when she has got used to wearing them.

This one is my other favourite and it was a tough choice between this one and the one above.

But there is a wide choice to suit all tastes and budgets with prices from £11.79.

So if you are looking for something to jazz up an outfit for a wedding or party then do check Rhyla out, they are really beautiful and just look fabulous on.

I have received no payment for this and have chosen to right the post entirely out of a love for the product.

29 December 2013

Snowflakes - A Beautiful Story

I found this book a while back in the library and it was an instant hit with my daughter, so when a friend of my mother in law asked what to get the children for Christmas I told her about a few books and this was one of them, since we can't keep this out forever from the library ;)

Written by the lovely Cerrie Burnell from CBeebies it is a beautiful story about a girl who moves from the busy city into the countryside with her Grandma.

Inspired by the work of Coram a charity that helps children who are adopted the story is truly beautiful, with a message that every snowflake is different, but that every snowflake is perfect.

With wonderful illustrations this is a fabulous book, especially for this time of the year.

Mia see's the moon and knows it's the same moon as the one she saw in the city making her feel more at home.

It is a beautiful story of friendship, caring and love and I can thoroughly recommend.

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28 December 2013

Blowing Away the Cobwebs at Kedleston Hall

After a few days of Christmas excess and not having left the house for a couple of days we decided to head out into the wind and sunshine to blow away the cobwebs with a walk around Kedleston Hall, on a rather windy day it did exactly that.

Donning our boots and waterproofs for the children, we headed out into the mud and high winds, with the wind blowing through the trees with a lion like roar.

The grounds at Kedleston Hall are vast and the house is beautiful, although we didn't get to go in as it is closed for the winter, but you can see why they chose to film some of The Duchess there.

There was lots of running...

Lots of leaf and stick picking......

I love this sweeping staircase....


Very Downton Abbey, lots of rooms and bells to ring....

Looking at the animals....

 In the church their was a nativity and beautiful Christmas Tree.

Gorgeous architecture and shadows were everywhere...

I love this bridge it sweeps wonderfully over the river...

Sheep spotting....

Walking through lots of squidgy mud and sheep poo...

It was verrrry windy but it was just what we needed, lots of fresh air and it most definitely got rid of a few cobwebs and hopefully a few calories too.

During the winter it is only £1 to visit the hall which is well worth the money and I think that so we can come back here again in the spring and summer we will definitely be looking at a subscription to the National Trust.

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15 December 2013

Aurora at Rufford Park

For the last three years we have taken the children to the wonderful Aurora at Rufford Park in Nottingham.

Aurora is a winter illuminations around the gardens at Rufford Park, light, sound and colour transform the sculptures and trees in the garden and it is a really wonderful time to spend with the children and this year included the grandparents too.

Weather permitting it is a truly one of a kind experience that we love and have always enjoyed, I can assure you the children are there it's just very dark ;)

The pretty Abbey all lit up and Santa's Grotto 

This sculpture is holding an apple.

These cones always impress.

I think you'll agree it is a beautiful sight and the kids enjoyed it all, including the Christmas rides at the end, you can get hot chocolate too from the cafe and it's lovely to be able to warm up afterwards.

It isn't on till late so it is the perfect family activity to get you out, wrapped up and enjoying what you normally wouldn't get to see of the park at night time..

The beautiful Christmas tree at the entrance.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

10 December 2013

Winter Walks and Scooter Rides

This weekend was lovely, bright blue skies and lots to do at the moment. Saturday saw me take my son to the Lakeside to see A Christmas Carol so I wanted to make sure we took them out for some fresh air on the Sunday.

As it was my dad's birthday we went to Wollaton Hall and Park as they had a Christmas Fair on, the Hall is always a treat for the kids to walk around and see the stuffed animals and the park is always lovely too.

Beautiful wreaths around the entrance to the courtyard

Inside the Hall, loved the feel of it all Christmassy

Looking at the Albatross, they are huge!!!

Dental check for the Hippo

Daddy pointing out the different skulls.

Looking at the snake skeleton

Dino fossils.

George, the well known Gorilla. Scary, but everyone remembers him.

Time for a scoot...

Poor tree blown down in the wind. 
Looking out over the lovely lake
Wollaton Hall is a fantastic place, full of history and is a place for the children to see animals up close, it is also Batman's House so that makes it super special ;)

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall