16 January 2013

Exciting New Resturant in Birmingham, Fleet Steet Kitchen

I love food and we very rarely get to go out as a family. Next month we have been lucky enough to be invited to visit a new restaurant in Birmingham before it opens, I am super excited as it sounds like it is going to be a wonderful experience.

This is what they have to say about the Fleet Street Kitchen

Cooking with Fire: The Barbecoa Experience: All core ingredients will be given the chef’s equivalent of a hot stone massage from Fleet Street Kitchen’s custom-designed Barbecoa grill, the first of its kind to be installed in a UK restaurant. Barbecoa is a pure charcoal indoor barbeque grill, heavily utilised in Northern Spain where it is widely used as a traditional method for cooking meat and fish to its most delicious potential. Positioned at the heart of the Kitchen, the Barbecoa grill will take centre stage as diners enjoy the theatre of its flame.

The menu at Fleet Street Kitchen will be a celebration of British meat and produce. Handpicked breeds from flock and herd will be cooked on charcoal to lock in flavour and ensure an intensely juicy experience with every mouthful.

Steak is the star with a generous selection of rare-breed cuts hunted and gathered from respected British producers and given the ultimate grilling courtesy of the Kitchen’s almighty Barbecoa grill. Rotisserie chicken and poussin, whole fish and burger sliders are exposed to the same fiery treatment while abundant deli boards and a generous helping of naughty puds round-off a deliciously comforting menu.

Sunday lunch will conclude the week for Birmingham’s urban ramblers in search of a home-cooked, family-friendly vibe.

I will be taking my two young children which is always a good test for our family, looking at the pictures of the inside I am hoping the location will be enough to keep them happy. If not then most certainly me.

Look out for my verdict at the end of next month :)

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