10 January 2013

Kisses, hugs and cuddles!

My son is such a loving little soul, he always tells me he loves me, gives me hugs and cuddles and is generally the sweetest thing. My daughter kisses and cuddles too but she is only 2 so she doesn’t understand why she’s doing it yet.

I treasure and cherish every one of those kisses in case they stop, a colleague at work tells me how her 16 year old daughter never talks to her let alone kisses and cuddles her, it has been this way since she was about 11.

If I am sad or just need a cuddle I still go to my mum and I really hope my son and daughter are the same, however I know one day I will probably be an embarrassment to them and they won’t want to know me.

So for now I will continue to treasure my perfect little people in all their hugging and kissing glory.

Love you guys :'o)

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